We only sell top-quality EMS unit and TENS unit replacement pads and electrodes. Even our economy model electrodes have passed our superior standards. When you purchase TENS electrode pads from Tensunits.com, you can be assured that you will receive a high-quality product.

Browse our selection below to find the Tens Unit Electrode Pads you're looking for in a variety of sizes and material types. All EMS and TENS machine pads and electrodes are compatible with all units we sell and most other units on the market.

For information on how to place your TENS unit electrode pads, take a moment to check out our TENS Unit Electrode placement chart.

Full list of TENS and EMS systems we that are compatible with our Electrodes:

2000 XL INF Plus Quadstar Elite
2000 XT InTENSity 10 Quadstar II
Bakwel TENS Back Belt InTENSity 5000 Hybrid TEN/EMS Combo
BioSTIM INF InTENSity IF Combo TENS 1000
BioSTIM M7 InTENSity Micro Combo TENS 2K
BioSTIM Plus InTENSity Select Combo TENS 3000
BLD IF 4250D InTENSity Twin Stim III TENS 3500
BLD IF 4250D Medscope 1211 TENS 7000
Combo Stim Micro 2 TENS 7500
Combo Stim-Plus Mini Wireless TENS and EMS TENS AA
Dual Stim NMES 9500 Twin Stim
EMS 1000 Plus PM-360 Twin Stim Plus
EMS 1311 PM-555 Ultima 1
EMS 2000 PMT-UTC1000 Ultima 11
EMS 5.0 ProM IF-4000 Ultima 20
EMS 6500 ProM-100 Ultima 22
EMS 7500 ProM-200 Ultima 3
EMS BioStim NMS ProM-300 Ultima 3t
EMS Impulse D7 ProM-355 Ultima 5
IF 4000 ProM-500 Ultima Combo
IF 4K ProM-503D Ultima Neo
IF-400D ProM-710 UltraTENS
Impulse D5 Quad Stim-Plus Ustim
Russian Stim 2500