Physical Therapy and Recovery

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Why TENS for Recovery?

There are lots of reasons to try adding TENS therapy to your physical maintenance or recovery program whether as an alternative to other forms of treatment or as a diversifying option. It enables the body to recover more quickly than with traditional therapy alone by aiding in the remapping of sensory networks. Sending electrical impulses through the tissue is also a great way to keep the muscles primed. This can be quite helpful when having difficulty using certain muscles well enough to maintain sufficient tone. Read on to learn more about how this method works so well and why it may be right for you.

Advantages of Using TENS for Physical Therapy and Recovery

  • Restores Function more Completely
  • Shortens Recovery Period
  • Time Tested
  • Globally Recognized Pain Treatment
  • Convenient Private Use
  • Tremendous List of Health Benefits

Restores Function more Completely

When the body endures an injury that requires an extensive or residing rehabilitation program, it can sometimes be quite difficult to regain the same functionality once enjoyed. In some cases, neural contacts have been severed and will require repair or rerouting of dependent signals to have a chance of returning to accustomed performance. Using a TENS unit to introduce electrical pulses to the system can help the body to identify problem areas and replace the lost connections. TENS can be used to help bring about an improvement to unresponsive nerves and muscles in an effort to help the body energize old pathways that have become dormant due to trauma. Without this electrical intervention, the repair process could last significantly longer and not yield the success possible by integrating such treatment into the plan.

Shortens Recovery Period

The rehabilitation process with muscle therapy can be a long ordeal that encounters so many hurdles that only make it take even longer. Typically, relearning ordinary tasks is one of the most frustrating times in a person’s life when they are trying to heal from a major setback. A TENS unit can help to shorten this period while promoting faster repair of damaged tissue by providing much-needed stimulation to the affected area. Circumstances may have rendered a certain part of the body incapable of performing its usual function without rebuilding motor-impulse transmit structures to reconnect to the nervous system. This is exactly the kind of solution a TENS is designed to provide assistance with by energizing old connections when possible while you remain confidently in control of the process.

Time Tested

One of the ways to know if the treatment plan you are on is best comes from the length of time it has been used with favorable results for whatever its intended purpose is. Electrical stimulation is a treatment historically recognized by physicians across the world to treat pain symptoms since ancient times nearly 2,000 years ago. That is a very long time in terms of the amount of study and understanding that went into the units available today. Many modern options for aiding in physical therapy and recovery can actually impair other functions of the body and create undesirable side effects. A TENS unit is expertly designed to only target the signal pathways of the target area(s) while leaving the rest of the body’s systems undisturbed.

Globally Recognized Pain Treatment

Cultures from across the world for centuries have used various forms of stimulus from electricity to successfully manage and prevent pain. Its worldwide adoption, spanning barriers of belief, stands as a testament to how universally this approach is understood to be a viable means of treatment. TENS has an extensive history dating back millennia of being used as a tool for nerve and analgesia dysfunction across every continent on the Earth. It is a common practice everywhere you look, and a countless number of individuals can attest to the remarkable benefits of making this an integral part of their overall wellness strategy. This stamp of widespread approval and acceptance of a technique further reinforces its reliability for results to populations from all walks of life.

Physical Therapy & Recovery

Restores Function more Completely • Shortens Recovery Period • Globally Recognized Pain Treatment

Convenient Private Use

Pain recovery is often an arduous journey that requires a tremendous amount of fortitude to be able to overcome it, and anything that makes it easier is usually welcomed. This is especially true in cases where the person has experienced an event resulting in a diminished capacity of their nerves. This type of correction may require a form of electro therapy in order to reestablish some semblance of the original neural pathway capabilities that once enabled an affected area. Having a convenient way of performing these treatments at home or wherever you need to be can be a huge relief itself. With a TENS unit, privacy is not a problem thanks to the discreet portable size, rechargeable battery, and silent operation of the device.

Tremendous List of Health Benefits

The list of health benefits from using a TENS device is lengthy and offers perks that range from those for your physical best as well as your pocketbook. Its accuracy in targeting just the problem intended means no large numbers of side effects like some other more traditional options always tend to include. Reducing pain with one of these units should decrease the need for chemical intervention, which can be disruptive or even harmful to natural systemic balance. For long-term care, one of these units is extremely cheap by comparison to other popular techniques such as physical therapy, water rehabilitation, and prescription medication. Session length is completely subjective and entirely up to the discretion of the user so it may be discontinued whenever unnecessary unlike a pill already swallowed.

Recovering from something that has had such a profound impact as to warrant rehabilitation will rarely be an easy experience, but there is hope. People who suffer from chronic or even acute episodes of pain have an inexpensive and widely recognized way of managing it. TENS is a simple and very effective system that provides comfort to those who may otherwise have great difficulty. Any person who is looking to make their fullest recovery from an injury or various other neurological conditions should consider using it. The pros are seemingly endless and all the science is behind its reputation as a stalwart choice for restoring and maintaining muscles and joints.

The portable TENS unit is easily adaptable for any kind of lifestyle or desired use from the home to the office or workplace. There is no need for any more worrying about getting tangled up in the wiring that tethers you to the device; newer models also come with the added bonus of wireless pads to allow even greater mobility while connected to the transmitter. Units can be used with most recovery programs and therapies although there may be some exceptions based upon hospital regulations or guidelines depending on location. To be certain this is the right option for your needs, check with a licensed physician before making any changes to your current program.