Muscle Building & Growth

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Great Results for Growth

Many people struggle with identifying an appropriate exercise regimen for their fitness goals based upon the speed and quality of their gains. A TENS unit can be an invaluable aid in achieving these milestones by enhancing recuperation time to promote healing. The popularity in athletic circles is due to the advantages provided by their inclusion in training programs. They are the technology that serious athletes turn to in order to gain a competitive edge on their opponents in virtually every sport. Adding one of these devices to your recovery practices is a smart way to get the most out of the time spent on improvement.

Advantages of Using TENS for Muscle Building and Growth

  • Less Pain and More Gain
  • Accurately Pinpoints Problem Areas
  • Easy to Transport
  • Use Anywhere
  • Perfect for Every Kind of Athlete
  • More Time for Activities You Love

Less Pain and More Gain

Getting muscles ready for the next session is what the rest period is for, but sometimes the ache and soreness from an especially strenuous workout can linger. Utilizing a TENS application after exercise can greatly reduce this effect to allow a return to optimal performance at an accelerated rate. This kind of electrical stimuli neutralizes the burning sensation that comes from the buildup of lactic acid that occurs when muscles begin to fatigue under stress. As a result, the body experiences a feeling of being refreshed and ready to take on the next physical challenge once the proper treatment is administered. This gives you the freedom to spend less time restoring performance and more time improving it.

Accurately Pinpoints Problem Areas

When you go to a masseuse or therapist they have to try to discover just where the best areas to target are based upon your direction. A TENS unit is able to pinpoint problem areas because it can be applied by the person acutely aware of the exact location where there is a disturbance. It makes it possible for someone to apply whatever it takes to precisely where it is needed most without the unforeseen side effects of a blunt instrument. Recuperating no longer requires long hours spent with diminished strength and immobility waiting for the rejuvenation of healing to allow continued action. A time of rest can be a productive pause with a device like these that will put you in control of where and when sessions need to take place.

Easy to Transport

In the tech world of today, everything seems to be made into some sort of device to be attached and carried during work and play. A TENS unit is a relatively small item not much bigger than a cell phone, which can easily be transported wherever the day takes you. This portability makes it the perfect accessory for taking along on every workout whether it’s going to the gym or even on a running circuit. The small size also means it does not require a large bag to keep it in either, and so it can be stowed almost anywhere when not in use. New wireless electrode pads enable even greater uninhibited activity without the need for concern about interruptions from being tangled in leads, too.

Use Anywhere

A major obstacle for advancements in wearable tech is something that can be used anywhere under the most punishing conditions without failing. A TENS unit is ideal for environments that are beyond the ordinary reach because they are compact and rechargeable to fit a lifestyle always on the go. They continue to work reliably when the efficacy of some treatments can be affected by outside variables such as air density and pressure, heat, and elevation. A handy feature is when a friend needs a little time to jump-start his motivation these units can easily be shared with anyone at any time. As long as the unit has a power supply, anyone can tackle the roughest task knowing they have the recovery system preferred by experts.

Muscle Building and Growth

Less Pain and More Gain • Accurately Pinpoints Problem Areas • Perfect for Every Kind of Athlete

Perfect for Every Kind of Athlete

Treating the body with electrical stimuli is a method used all over the world by elite athletes that participate in nearly every kind of competition there is. Historical data shows this sort of approach to healing the human body has existed for many centuries across the entire known world. This is because despite whatever differences we may perceive on the surface between people the fundamental properties that respond to TENS therapy are universal to all humans. The measured impulses that are generated by one of these units revitalize the muscle tissue regardless of a change in the activity that taxed it. This gives this technique compatibility with athletes and ordinary citizens alike in an inclusive way unmatched by any other application in its class.

More Time for Activities You Love

The cumulative reward for adding a TENS device to the mix of practices designed to foster performance in the body is more time available to enjoy the important things in life. The body will recover from physical duress more rapidly using one and allow time to enjoy other activities where previously they could not be accommodated. This can be critical to feeling renewed because it eliminates a certain amount of stress that results from having the sense that there is always a deadline that won’t be met. It stems from not having those moments when you feel as though nothing is currently required of you and fun is ok. More time is released by the rapid recovery again when goals are reached sooner and focus can be diverted away with satisfaction.

Boosting results in quality and speed is what most every athletic person would say is their primary encompassing objective with their fitness training. Finding every available tool to make this happen with greater frequency and yield is often the most prevalent obsession of the seriously fit individual. This usually takes them on a journey of discovery that learns most promises are in stark contrast to the genuine outcomes they produce. If this is the way you approach the idea of fitness and wellbeing, coming across something that delivers on its claims is very valuable. By the end of this article, if it wasn’t already, a TENS device is probably going to be on your list of essential hardware.