Winner EVO CM4 PKG - Unit, Cart, and Accessories


SKU: 410-012PK

The Winner EVO combination unit provides the clinician with the most comprehensive therapies in one unit with a reliable platform that is simple to use. Winner EVO CM4 can run 4 channels of electrical stimulation, ultrasound and laser and / or light all at the same time ensuring maximum utilization and return on investment in a busy clinic. 




• Dual Frequency (1 & 3 MHz) Clinical
Ultrasound with Industry Leading BNR
• Continuous or Pulsed Modes
• 5 cm², 2 / 5 cm² Therapy Hammer, 10 cm²,
or AutoSound Transducers Available
• Combination, Ultrasound, Electrotherapy,
and/or Laser in One
• Tru-Stim Electrotherapy with Five
Waveforms On–Board
• Therapy Profiles for Commonly Used Treatments
• Lead Cord Continuity Test on Board
All Winner EVO Series
• Accessory Holders for Easy Applicator Organization
• Available AutoSound and Light Cluster
Probe Allow for Hands-Free Therapy
• Optional Storage Cart Available
• Three–Year Warranty
• Proudly Made in USA

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Winner EVO CM4 PKG - Unit, Cart, and Accessories