Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS and EMS Unit (2nd Edition)

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Warranty: 6 Months

SKU: DS5002

  • Treats Nerve Pain Treats Nerve Pain
  • Treats Muscle Pain Treats Muscle Pain
Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS and EMS device (2nd Edition) comes with four electrode lead wires, eight electrodes, four AA batteries, AC adapter, instruction manual and carrying case.

The Current Solutions Twin Stim Plus TENS and EMS unit provides the user a multitude of pain relief options for nerve and muscle pain. Most commonly used to treat back and neck pain, this device is able to treat other areas of the body. Let’s review the overall construction of this TENS combo unit. At the very top of the unit you will find four ports (channels) where you will plug in the electrode leads along with 4 LEDs. In the front at the top, the LCD screen displays the mode, pulse width and timer information.

Nested underneath you will find 13 buttons for operation. This includes pulse intensity control, mode control, set control, increment control and a power button. There is even a belt clip on the back making it user-friendly while in operation. If you prefer holding the device, the sides are made of rubber with edged grooves for a firm grip.

You should consult your physician before using any TENS or EMS devices for your appropriate settings. Also, make sure you click the tab named detailed tech specs for further descriptions of modes and other advanced features.

We also recommend browsing all pads and electrodes to ensure you have an ample supply in case your current electrodes are no longer valid for use or you prefer a different size. The electrodes included for this machine are sized by 1.5" by 1.5". It’s common for a single electrode to go through 5 to 6 uses before it needs to be replaced.

Twin Stim Plus Digital TENS and EMS Unit (2nd Edition)