Qfiber Heat Therapy Body Wrap



Qfiber is a high performance infrared heat therapy system. It is essentially a heating pad that wraps around a body part or joint. Using special heat fabric technology, and through the ultimate portability of USB 2.0, Qfiber goes where you go, while emitting the medically-proven benefits of infrared heat.


  • The Qfiber versatile body wrap is equipped with a large piece of Qfiber fabric that effectively disperses therapeutic heat all around the treatment area.
  • The versatile wrap can be used to treat: knees, legs, elbows, arms, ankles, shoulders, and other applicable parts. It also includes an extra strap that can be attached so that it can be used to treat the lumbar, back, abdomen and hips.
  • The gentle soothing heat of the far infrared ray will go deep into your tissue to relax your back, joints and other large treatment areas. The versatile wrap is the perfect all around therapy wrap and is excellent for in the car, relaxing on the couch, working at your desk or on the go.

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Qfiber Heat Therapy Body Wrap