Economy 2" x 4" White Foam Oval EMS & TENS Electrode Pad - 1 Pack (4 Pads)


SKU: EF2040WF2

You will receive 1 pack (4 pads) of Economy 2” x 4” White Foam Oval EMS & Tens Electrode Pads.

Our economy electrodes are a great option for delivering simple and effective TENS & EMS treatment. These Economy 2” x 3.5” Tan Cloth Rectangle EMS & TENS electrodes come with a self-adhesive backing that applies easily. These electrodes are intended for multiple uses as the self-adhesive backing is reusable and should remain sticky throughout multiple sessions. As the adhesive is already applied to the electrode pads, there is no fuss when it comes to application, making for an easy and seamless pain relief experience! For more options, you can also check out the Economy 2" x 4" Mini Wireless Foam Butterfly TENS Electrode

SMART TIP: If you foresee yourself using a TENS or EMS unit on a long-term basis, it is to your advantage to purchase electrodes in larger quantities to avoid paying multiple shipping fees for smaller orders.

Please Be Advised: We cannot guarantee the compatibility of our electrodes with TENS units purchased from other retailers.

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Economy 2" x 4" White Foam Oval EMS & TENS Electrode Pad - 1 Pack (4 Pads)