Pack of 10 (40 Pads) 2" x 2" Premium Square Tan Cloth Electrodes In Poly Bag

This 10 Pack (40 Pads) - Premium Package 2" x 2" Tan Cloth Electrodes is a great value for a plentiful supply of quality electrodes. The easy self-adhesive application makes this an easy and affordable solution for TENS & EMS treatments.


You will Receive 10 Packs (40 Pads) of Premium 2" x 2 Square Tan Cloth Electrodes and Electrode Adhesive Tyco Gel in a Poly Bag.

Don't let your electrodes get in the way of your busy life. Our Premium 2"x2" Square Tan Cloth Electrodes are designed to move with you and not catch on your clothing. Our GelFlex Pro Technology has been designed to be flexible, but the adhesive is sticky enough to last through your everyday movements plus multiple uses, yet will not damage your skin when you are ready to remove them. Complete with a re-sealable poly bag and lead wires that are compatible with most TENS units, you will fall in love with these electrodes. If in case you're looking for a bigger pack, check our electrodes pack of 20 with 80 pads.

SMART TIP When purchasing multiple packages of electrodes, the advantage can be seen in the savings on shipping in the future. It is better to get the same low cost shipping rate for multiple packages vs. purchasing a single pack and having to pay for shipping again when you need new electrodes.

Pack of 10 (40 Pads) 2" x 2" Premium Square Tan Cloth Electrodes In Poly Bag