1 x Lower Back Butterfly 4" x 6" White Cloth Electrode

This 4" by 6" Butterfly Electrode Pad is perfect for delivering both TENS and EMS treatment to the lower back.


The popular butterfly electrode now with our exclusive Gelflex-ProE Technology. These electrodes provide the perfect coverage for larger areas such as the lower back and are flexible enough to keep up with your active lifestyle. The soft cloth covering also moves freely under clothing to provide discreet TENS pain relief. The adhesive stays stuck through multiple uses and the poly bag provides convenient and sanitary storage when not in use. These will be the only electrodes you will ever want to use.

You will Receive 1 Packs (1 Pad per Pack) of Premium 4" x 6" Butterfly White Foam Electrode and Electrode Adhesive CS Gel in a Poly Bag.

SMART TIP When purchasing multiple packages of electrodes, the advantage can be seen in the savings on shipping in the future. It is better to get the same low cost shipping rate for multiple packages vs. purchasing a single pack and having to pay for shipping again when you need new electrodes.

1 x Lower Back Butterfly 4" x 6" White Cloth Electrode