Premium 2" x 2" Tan Cloth Electrodes

$5.19 - $47.75

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This Pack (4 Pads) 2" x 2" Premium Square Tan Cloth Electrodes is made with superior Gel Flex Pro-E technology to ensure the most effective and comfortable TENS & EMS treatment experience.


You will Receive a Pack of Premium 4: 2" x 2" Tan Cloth Electrodes.

Our Premium Tan Square TENS Electrode pads have a Tan Cloth exterior with an adhesive Gel To keep up with your active lifestyle for treating nerve pain and muscle stimulation.

SMART TIP: If you foresee yourself using a TENS or EMS unit on a long-term basis, it is to your advantage to purchase electrodes in larger quantities to avoid paying multiple shipping fees for smaller orders.

Please Be Advised: We cannot guarantee the compatibility of our electrodes with TENS units purchased from other retailers.

Premium 2" x 2" Tan Cloth Electrodes