Back, Shoulder & Neck Pain Relief

Why TENS is Right for Me

Pain recovery is frequently a long process that can seem at times to have no clear end in sight from the viewpoint of the sufferer. The modern workplace has created unique stresses our bodies still need assistance in coping with to achieve longevity on the job without serious medical intervention. There are a handful of universal issues affecting some key areas where people commonly encounter the most difficulty from repetitive tasks and postures associated with their jobs. It is no surprise they are found in the primary focal joints of proper core alignment.

Advantages of Using TENS for Back, Shoulder, & Neck Pain Relief

  • Safe to Use Every Day
  • Immediate Results
  • Works on the Whole Body
  • Easily Adjustable
  • Use as Much as Needed
  • Requires No Effort

Safe to Use Every Day

Many people spend countless hours sitting at a desk or hunched over a work station, which forces their body out of proper alignment and stresses a select number of muscle groups. A TENS unit can help to ease the stiffness of sore joints and muscles while comfortably integrating into the demands of your busy schedule. Its non-invasive nature means it can be worn even while a person is still at their place of employment. It’s also a safe way to combat the daily routine of abuse your body must endure throughout the working hours, days, and weeks. No matter how long the days may be and how badly relief is needed, treatment can be enjoyed every day without any risk of harmful overuse.

Immediate Results

One of the greatest features of using TENS is that there is no doubt it is working right away because it travels at the speed of light. Some attempts to remedy aches and pains may take a long time to finally have a noticeable effect, but not when using electric impulses. Even when it is used regularly, the unit will still deliver reliable therapeutic benefits the same as when it was first introduced. Its performance is not altered by meals, length of application, when the last time was it was employed, or the frequency of use. Therefore, it can always be counted on to provide the same quality of treatment every time irrespective of external variables that may inhibit other methods of pain management.

Works on the Whole Body

TENS is a versatile solution to stiffness and managing pain that has been shown to be safe to use on the whole body with exception to a few spots where electrical current could interfere with involuntary functions like breathing or heartbeat. The documentation for the machine should include this information, and a chart for proper placement can always be found here. This makes it an ideal way to give attention to different trouble areas all over the body at once like those you might get from staring down a monitor for long stretches. Knees and necks can get the attention they need simultaneously, which should make relaxing for the treatment easier. Doing both at once requires less time to address issues and also has the advantage of allowing more time for other pursuits with better conditioning.

Easily Adjustable

Getting the results you want from a TENS session is all about figuring out what just the right frequency and strength are for each person independently. These units can be adjusted at any time to make it that much easier to find the exact setting that delivers the max return to the user. For added flexibility, it also allows the user to sequence, or cycle, through a series of different combinations of signals at their preference. Studies show that continued benefit is best accomplished by regularly alternating the current and intensity used in a session. People of all thresholds can find a level that suits them even if the way they feel changes over time or for varying problems.

Back, Shoulder, & Neck Pain Relief

Safe to Use Every Day • Immediate Results • Works on the Whole Body

Use as Much as Needed

The therapeutic benefits experienced from using TENS to treat weak, injured, or hurting muscles is something almost anyone could appreciate. This is why it is so convenient that the units can be used as often as wished with the same efficacy and safety each time regardless of the last application. As always, the best course of action is to follow the guidelines set forth by your doctor to avoid any complications that may be specific to you. As far as it doesn’t contradict medical advice, it is available for relief and recovery any time you need it to cope. No risk of getting too much is one more advantage of this method over other ways of managing pain that adds a degree of security in this choice for treating what hurts.

Requires No Effort

The last thing anyone wants to have to accommodate is a procedure that is some work to perform when just trying to feel better. A TENS unit requires almost no effort beyond attaching the electrode pads in order to run the device successfully. Once the pads are in their proper place, relief is just a few adjustments away with the custom tweaking of the settings. Even in distress, it is simple enough to easily be carried out by a single individual without any assistance. The user is afforded an increased degree of independence due to how easy these units are to equip and operate.

Shoulder, back, and neck pain are a very common ailment for anyone over the age of 25 because of the repetitive activities people engage in during their adult years. An occupation is just one such practice that often causes symptoms to arise that impact the mobility and comfort of major joints. Seeking out the best breakthroughs science has to offer in combating these undesirable conditions is something everyone could gain improvement from. Including TENS in the approach to wellness is an astute beginning to impacting the root of the underlying condition that has instigated the trouble. For rehabilitation efforts, it also helps aid in the strengthening of muscle by assisting in decreasing the amount of lactate in the blood to reduce soreness from therapy.