Alternative Pain Relief

What can TENS do for Pain?

Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS or TNS) is an effective alternative to medication for pain relief. A TENS unit can be portable and has the convenience of no chemical side effects, unlike traditional pharmaceuticals. The units are so inconspicuous that they can be used almost anywhere without interfering with your daily routine while still providing reliable treatment. They are also the most accurate method of pain elimination due to the user placing the leads exactly where the discomfort is. With the use of a device that produces electric current, this technique stimulates the nerves and provides a variety of therapeutic benefits.

Advantages of Using TENS

  • No Chemical Side Effects
  • Much Cheaper for Prolonged Use
  • Portable & Convenient
  • Directly Targets Pain Location
  • Relief for Multiple Conditions
  • Simple to Use

No Chemical Side Effects

Taking pills can be a risky endeavor when considering the myriad problems that can occur in conjunction with introducing a foreign substance into the bloodstream. TENS nerve stimulating units remove the possibility of any of those complications by utilizing a method that does not include such invasive elements in order to target the symptoms. Any change of the unit settings can be made in real time to affect immediate precision without the need to wait for the difference to be absorbed into the system. Another advantage these units have over traditional medicine is the security of not relying on a complex chemical formula being safe to put inside your body. If unwanted side effects are what you hope to avoid, a TENS unit may be the place to start.

Much Cheaper for Prolonged Use

Medication can be very expensive, and it is a cost that tends to continue on for long periods of time, if not a person’s entire life, with the likelihood being more drugs added to the list as age advances. Electrotherapy has very little ongoing cost to maintain and reap the rewards of its use for many years. As an added convenience, there is no wait for an adjustment if it is not having the effect anticipated like getting a doctor to modify a course of treatment is either. This helps keep the added stress of fitting another event into your schedule at a minimum while simultaneously increasing the recovery rate. After all, the less time waiting for proper application the more time can be spent applying what is already proven to work.

Portable & Convenient

There is no need to wait all day at work with no respite from suffering when there is a unit that can be worn around like a portable cd player. A TENS unit is connected directly to the skin and can often be kept on the body while someone moves about in their time at home, work, and during muscle therapy or other sessions. Just connect the electrode pads as instructed in the placement guide to get relief without the hassle of scheduling appointments and rearranging your schedule. This also means there is no long wait to see a specialist who can instruct you on what to do to cope with any difficulties. This amounts to less time experiencing pain and more time efficiently preventing it precisely when and where it occurs.

Targets Pain Location

When an area of the body experiences something it identifies as harmful, the sensations recorded by the nerves send the nature of the emergency in a signal to the brain. The brain then determines in the second part of the instant since the signal was sent what the best reaction is based upon what caused the perceived pain. The signals used in the body are electrical, and therefore are subject to being interrupted just like the power in a home or automobile. Although those examples might be considered inconvenient, the TENS unit blocks the signals you experience as pain before they are felt. It connects directly to the location of the pain source for relief at the speed of light whenever and wherever it is needed.

Alternative Pain Relief

No Chemical Side Effects • Relief For Multiple Conditions • Directly Targets Pain Location

Relief for Multiple Conditions

TENS unit therapy has been shown to be helpful in treating pain resulting from a number of different medical causes, which can be difficult enough to handle without the added dimension of amplified physical discomfort. The TENS method is useful for pain management in cases of acute as well as chronic discomfort from an assortment of underlying conditions. The application of this kind of approach is wide due to its being directly applied to the source of the pain signals carrying the distress alerts to the brain. This stops the problem where it begins by affecting the natural transmission mechanism and essentially scrambling its flow before it has a chance to become unpleasant. By finely tuning the modulation and signal frequency, it can be more accurately adjusted for efficacy on individual cases.

Simple to Use

A major feature people are always looking for is the ease of using a system or device, especially if it will be necessary for a significant period of time. The cost of using a single unit is pennies on the dollar by comparison to prescription meds even over a short span. After the initial purchase of the device, the only real cost is to replenish the rechargeable battery and replace the electrode pads when necessary. However, the latter are generally good for at least two dozen applications. The true value in the revitalizing effects of using this method for treating pain is it should diminish the need for substances that organs like the liver and kidneys have to filter.

Electrical stimulation makes a smart choice as an alternative to drugs, which can sometimes cause addictions in addition to their many known side effects. The user being able to control the application in real time means the quality of care can be maintained at a higher efficacy than possible with chemicals, too. By modulating or suppressing pain signals in the brain, TENS specifically aims at the communication delivering the sensation. The most direct way to prevent pain of all sorts is to interrupt the signals that are interpreted as undesirable. This is what a personal unit will enable you to do in a variety of settings and circumstances with minimal disruption to routine.

TENS is a painless solution for an array of root causes of chronic and acute pain that is so simple anyone can use it with ease. Modern units come with a range of customizable tweaks to help pinpoint each user’s unique therapeutic setting. This remarkable technology is relied upon by medical pros for a number of different reasons from treating facial pain to fibromyalgia. Further studies of the benefits of this technique are being done all the time that show even greater potential relief for more conditions. So, the answer to what a TENS unit can offer as an alternative method of managing pain is…a lot.