Where Do I Place My Electrodes?

If you use a tens unit, you will feel a slight tingling sensation passing through your skin.  

By increasing or decreasing the intensity, you have the ability to manipulate the strength or decrease the strength of this tingling sensation.

You know your body, so modifying these placements will do no damage, and there is no wrong way to place your electrodes. 

Follow the steps below, or watch the video

Neck Pain

For neck pain, place two electrodes underneath your skull on either side of your spine. 

Place the other two electrodes 5 cm underneath the first two electrodes.

Shoulder Pain

For shoulder pain, place two electrodes on your shoulders - one closer to the neck, and one close to the edge.

One Sore Shoulder

If only one shoulder is sore, leave the first two electrodes in place, and place the bottom electrodes underneath, approximately 5 cm below them.

Arm Pain

For arm pain, place one electrode above your elbow and one below your elbow.  

Then place one electrode higher than the one above your elbow, and one below the one under the elbow.

Abdominal Pain

If you’re experiencing abdominal pain, place 4 electrodes around your belly button in a square formation.

Hip Pain

For hip pain, place two electrodes on the upper part of your buttocks and two below your buttocks.


If you’re having sciatic pain, place one electrode posterior to your pelvic bone right next to your spine, below your belt line. 

You’ll want to place your second electrode on the outer edge of your back.  

Going straight down from that electrode, place one under your buttocks and one on the interior side under the buttocks.

Remember, there is no wrong placement; you want to make a formation with your electrodes around your pain area.

Knee Pain

For knee pain, use the same square formation as our previous steps, but this time place the electrodes around your knee. 

One above and below your knee, on either side.

Foot Pain

For any foot pain, place the electrodes in a square formation around the area of pain.

Make sure to evenly spread the placement of each electrode.

Plantar Fasciitis

For plantar fasciitis, we recommend the OMEGA Foot Pad.  

If you would like to use our square electrodes, place one electrode on the heel of your foot and one right under your ankle bone.  

Continue up the leg and place the other two electrodes on your leg - one above your leg muscle, and one under it.

Watch the Video Below: