3 Ways to Treat Painful Muscle Spasms After a Car Accident

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, over 2 million people are injured in car accidents annually. These injuries can range from minor cases of whiplash to major cases of paralysis. However, some injuries are more subtle but no less painful.

Muscle spasms are a primary example of this. Because spasms are not as severe as broken bones, many sufferers think they have to grin and bear it. But there are plenty of ways to treat painful muscle spasms after a car accident.

Cold and Heat Therapy

There are several causes of muscle spasms after car accidents. An overextension of muscles commonly causes these spasms, leading to fiber and nerve damage and inflammation. Applying cold packs to such areas can help reduce inflammation and swelling, allowing these areas to heal.

After reducing inflammation, a patient can introduce a heat source such as a heating pad or steam towel. This will help relax tight muscles and increase blood flow to the injured area for pain relief.


When people experience pain in their muscles, their first instinct is rarely to move around more. However, stretching has proven to be an effective way to treat muscle spasms after a car accident. This is because muscle stiffness often contributes to spasming muscles.

A few ways you can stretch to reduce muscle spasms include:

•Performing yoga poses
•Stretching on foam rollers
•Using an exercise ball
•Gently rolling your neck
•Going on a brief walk

Massages are also a subtle way to help gently stretch the muscles of an effective area. However, be sure to consult your doctor before getting a massage if you have open wounds or scar tissue in the spasming area.

Electric Muscle Stimulation

Because muscle spasms involve the muscles contracting, it can seem counter-intuitive to use a device that causes them to contract. However, muscle stimulation devices are an effective option to potentially reduce muscle spasms.

As the device sends gentle electric charges into the muscles, the muscles contract in a controlled way, then release their tension. This helps muscles relax and reduces pain. Additionally, muscle stimulation can strengthen muscles, which may help muscles heal.

Muscle spasms are painful, but you don’t have to suffer with them. TENS Units has muscle stimulation devices that can help you on the road to recovery after your car accident.