Useful Rehab Tools To Help the Elderly Recover From Stroke

As we get older, our bodies change. We appreciate different flavors in our food and get tired at different times. But one of the most significant changes as we get older is that it’s more difficult for our bodies to heal after trauma.

This is one of the reasons that the high number of elderly patients who experience a stroke every year is so concerning. But just because it is difficult to recover from a stroke doesn’t mean it is impossible. Having these useful rehab tools to help the elderly recover from stroke will help.

Balance Equipment

Whether a stroke is experienced on the left or right side of the brain, nearly all patients experience paralysis in at least one half of the body. This makes balance incredibly difficult and increases the likelihood of falls.

There are two types of balancing equipment that are helpful tools for elderly stroke patients. There are those that help keep patients upright until patients develop their balance again, such as walkers and wall railings. Then there are tools that help patients develop balance again, such as stability balls and balance boards.

Exercise Equipment

Balance is far from the only thing impacted by stroke. Basic skills, such as walking and picking up objects, are incredibly difficult after a stroke, and you must teach the body to perform these skills again.

Tools to rebuild the muscles in the body should be low impact, with an emphasis on increasing coordination. For example:

  • Stationary bikes
  • Hand exercise balls
  • Hand grippers or putty
  • Wrist and ankle weights
  • Exercise bands

Household items can also help with coordination. For example, opening and shutting a clothespin. Whatever the equipment, patients should avoid using it unless there is a caregiver or physical therapist present.


Working your muscles is a challenge at any age or circumstance, but even more so when you are dealing with muscle pain from a stroke. Electrotherapy can help provide both, especially when using an NMES machine.

Electrotherapy is noninvasive and nonaddictive, sending mild shocks through the skin and into the muscles. Along with releasing endorphins and shutting down pain signals, NMES can help stimulate the muscles to help improve muscle tone.

That’s why many of our TENS Unit Machines are equipped with NMES functionality. That way, you can help your loved one get back on their feet as quickly as possible.