3 Ways To Promote Muscle Strength and Flexibility

When we think of “strength building,” we tend to think of bodybuilders or high-energy athletes. But you don’t have to enter a lifting competition or softball tournament to care about muscle health. After all, we use our muscles for nearly every action we take during the day. To improve our muscular health is to improve our overall health.

If you want to take steps to improve your muscular system’s health, check out these ways to promote muscle strength and flexibility.

Diversify Your Exercises

There are several different ways you can train your muscles. You can build strength, flexibility, and endurance. Doing all three will do the most to promote total muscular health. To accomplish this, you will want to focus on diversifying the types of exercises you do.

Here are a few ways to incorporate different types of muscle training:

  • Switch between different types of training for different sessions.
  • Do endurance training in the morning and strength training in the evening.
  • Stretch after exercising.
  • Do a yoga day at least once a week.

Keep in mind if you plan on doing multiple types of training, it’s even more important to take recovery days. And if you plan on doing different types of training in a day, be sure to add a recovery period of at least a few hours in between training sessions.

Try Supplements

If an exercise regimen is important to you, chances are you’re already following a healthy diet. But if you’re focusing on muscle health, there are certain vitamins and compounds that you should add to the menu, such as:

  • Protein
  • Omega-3
  • Zinc
  • Vitamin C
  • Creatine
  • Beta-alanine

Combining supplements with a healthy diet that is high in protein and good fats will help create an environment in your body that’s perfect for building muscle.

Rest When Injured

We already mentioned the importance of allowing for muscle recovery when exercising, but this is even more important when your muscles are injured. As you rest, you can also take action to help along the recovery process, like going to physical therapy or lightly stretching the injury if possible.

Another way to speed up muscle recovery is to use electrotherapy, especially muscle stimulation. This treatment helps to reduce painful spasms and cramps while also strengthening weakened muscles.

From the top-performing athlete to the average Joe who just wants to take care of their health, finding ways to promote muscle strength and flexibility is essential. That’s why TENS Units has high-quality muscle stimulation devices designed to promote your muscular system today.