Omega Premium Conductive Socks for TENS Unit

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Don't let foot and ankle pain hold you back from your favorite activities.

Say goodbye to your foot and ankle pain, with our Omega Premium Conductive Socks for TENS Unit.

How Do the Tens Unit Socks Work?

The Omega Premium Conductive Socks stimulate the entire foot with electrode treatment, to help with discomfort affecting any part of the ankle.

The socks are connected to a TENS or EMS unit and emit electrical pulses through the skin around the foot. When these pulses hit the foot, they release endorphins and natural pain killers from the body, to block pain signals from reaching the brain. The nerve pathway is stimulated, and the body blocks the perception of pain, alleviating the symptoms.

What Are the Socks Made From?

The fibers are conductive and embedded with silver, so simply spray the outside of the socks with our Signaspray® Electrode Solution or aloe vera to moisten them and increase conductivity. Do not spray anything on the inside of the socks.

The Omega Premium Conductive Socks can fit all standard TENS lead wires pins, or you can purchase our blue electrode attachment wire separately.

Say goodbye to your foot pain with the Omega Premium Conductive Socks, and start enjoying life again.

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