How to Use the Omega Foot Pad

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In this article, we're going to cover how to use the Omega Foot Pad


1. First, clean off the bottom of your feet, and make sure that your feet are not wet or have excess dirt or oils on the soles. 

We recommend using an alcohol pad to prep the soles of the feet.

If you have any cuts or sores, do not use the device.

2. Snap the wireless tens unit on the foot pad, until you hear a click. 

Make sure the unit is off, before attaching to the foot pad.

3. Press the button in the center, until you see a blue light flash.

4. To pair the remote, press the power button on the top-right side, and the connection symbol displays to show that the remote is now connected.

If you are using the Omega Touch Wireless Remote:

To power on the remote, select the power button on the top right of the device.

When you see the connection symbol, that means your remote is connected to the wireless tens unit.

To begin using the device, tap any of the icons, to start the TENS & EMS massage.

You can choose from Reflexology, Circulation Massage, Massage Points, Stimulation, Deep Massage, and Acupuncture.

When you tap the icons multiple times, you can switch to different settings on that massage mode.

If you need to stop the unit, tap the Play/Pause button to pause or continue the stimulation.

To adjust the intensity of your massage, tap the + and - icons on the remote, or select the buttons on the side, and the level of intensity will show at the bottom of the remote’s screen.

If you want to keep the remote’s settings without accidentally changing it by touch, select the Lock button on the side of the remote,

And the lock icon appears on the screen, so you can’t change any of the massage settings by touch.

If you are using your own TENS unit:

Snap the white wires or blue wires included with your kit, onto the metal pins on the mat, until you hear a click.

Attach the wires of your TENS unit to the blue or white wires that are connected on the mat.

Turn on your TENS device and select massage settings.

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