How to Make Your TENS Unit Pads Sticky Again

TENS units are a safe and effective way to get pain relief—and they are reusable saving you money. However, you may have noticed that TENS unit electrode pads lose their stickiness after awhile. Luckily there are simple ways to make TENS unit pads sticky again. This includes cleaning and applying electrode gel. You can also take a few simple steps to care for and maintain your TENS pads during use to extend their life and keep them stickier longer.

How Clean TENS Electrode Pads

TENS Units are highly reusable making them very cost effective. In fact, the only thing you need to replace is the electrode pads. However, they cost money and after several uses these pads will lose their stickiness because of the body oils and other transient debris that stick to their surface during regular use. So, if you want your TENS electrodes to remain stickier longer, simply cleaning the pad surface after every use will extend their lifetime saving you money.. Cleaning TENS Pads is easy. To clean TENS electrode pads wipe them gently with a damp cloth. This will remove some of the dirt, oils, and other byproducts that end up adhering to the tacky pads.
Proper cleaning, storage and maintenance will keep TENS elctrodes pads stickier longer.
Proper cleaning, storage and maintenance will keep your TENS electrode pads stickier longer.

Use Electrode Gel and electrolyte spray

While cleaning the pads will help extend their life, it will only help so much. Eventually the pads will start to lose stickiness. When this happens apply electrode gel to the pad to make it sticky again. You can also use an electrolyte spray. This helps the pad regain its tackiness and can help it stick longer during your treatments.

Maintaining and Caring for TENS Electrode Pads

You can extend the life of your TENS pads with a few simple care and maintenance tips.

Use & Application of TENS Electrode Pads

To extend the life of your TENS pads make sure you are applying them properly. Always clean your own skin before adhering them. This will reduce the amount of residual oil that ends up on the pad. Clean the area with a cloth and water removing your body oils and let the area dry before applying the pads.

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Storing Your Pads

Keep the pads in their packaging so they won't dry out. Make sure to cool them off in the refrigerator after each use, and always apply a small amount of water to the pads before each use. Following these tips and steps will help keep your TENS electrode pads stickier for longer, reducing the amount you spend on replacement electrode pads.