Hydratherm Heater - Hydrocollator with Traditional Rack

$1,895.00 - $2,295.00

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HydraTherm heating units set the standard for modern moist heat therapy with an updated modern design, featuring a rust-free composite tank that will not dent, and unique hot pack storage with a 12 pack capacity.

Warranty: 1 year


HydraTherm Hot Pack Heating Units for moist heat therapy feature composite polymer tanks that never rust, and are easy to maintain, needing to be cleaned only once every six months.

Updated Design Features Composite Polymer Tank Instead of Steel
Reduced Number of Annual Cleanings (2 Versus 24 for Competing Heating Units)
Two Heating Unit Storage Systems to Choose from
For Easy Hot Pack Retrieval — a Pull-Out Divider System Puts Hot Packs within Reach with a Lift of the Divider's Handle
For Maximum Hot Pack Storage — a Traditional-Style Heating Unit Rack, which Allows Stacking of Hot Packs on Top of Racks
Increased Patient Safety with Digital Display and Thermostat, Giving Physical Therapist Control Over Treatment Temperature of the Hot Packs Used for Moist Heat Therapy
Low Water Sensor Deactivates Heating Element, Reducing Fire Hazards
Extra Benefits of HydraTherm Deluxe
Added Electric Drainage Pump Emptying Tank for Cleaning Faster and Easier
Also Includes Fold-Away Shelf — a Convenient Area for Hot Pack Preparation Prior to Treatment (Standard Model Uses Gravity-Fed Draining, with Storage Shelf as an Optional Accessory)
For Best Results, Use in Conjunction with HydraHeat Hot Packs for Moist Heat Therapy
Proudly Made in USA

Hydratherm Heater - Hydrocollator with Traditional Rack